The Founder

Passion drives Purpose, as much as Skills drive Success !

– Sakshi Chandraakar

Sakshi Chandraakar

the finesser

“Your identity is your most valued possession”

Every person in this world dreams! Some dream about money, some about success and others about transforming the world. My dreams were no different, except that they were all three of the above and more. As a young girl, I dreamed about making it big in the world, standing up to challenges and helping others walk alongside with pride and a firm sense of being.

Through the many challenges of life and being a woman, wife and mother, I constantly strived to realise my dreams. I was not one to stand by and wait for opportunities to come my way, but went forth boldly seeking career paths that helped me surge ahead in life. In doing so, I carved out a personality of my own, one that encapsulated both style & skill.

Mine is a personality of self-giving, and “passion and purpose” are my constant mantras!

Today, I no longer just dream for myself, but for the countless women and men who stand alone at the cross-roads of life, wondering how to realise their dreams and ambitions.

My dreams for them have been carefully carved out in the many offerings that my enterprise Finessse offers. I believe that no two individual dreams are the same, and therefore my consideration of and approach to each individual is specific. Helping people finesse their image and skills and find their calling in life, is what I constantly strive towards.