In the present day business environment, customer service is the key to unlocking profitable business relations. Interacting with customers is an art in itself, but ensuring heightened levels of customer service is tact in inter-personal relations. Customer service though an integral part of the selling process, goes beyond selling and into maintaining long-term rewarding relationships. It is thus the cornerstone of any successful business, and often stands as the key differentiator in enabling customers arrive at a crucial purchase decision.

At Finessse, our key to enabling candidates as exceptional customer service professionals begins with imparting relationship building skills; like empathy, listening, recognising cultural differences, maintain a pleasant demeanour, body language, tone of voice, positive attitude, verbal and non-verbal cues and a host of related customer engagement skills.

“Great customer service does not come by chance. It is the result of training and ensuring there are enough assistants to serve the customers” – Theo Paphitis