‘Walk the talk’ is an old adage that more depth in meaning than its semantics conveys! Body Language is an essential aspect of non-verbal communication that lays emphasis on bodily movements such as postures, gestures and facial expressions. Whether one consciously or sub-consciously intends, body language conveys feelings, emotions and responses that can dictate everyday responses to human interactions. Body language is often shaped early on in a human being’s life and often becomes habitual practices that can nurture or negate  our relationships with others. It is imperative for human being to take cognisance of body language forms and seek corrective action if required, to ensure a pleasant atmosphere in communication.

At Finessse, our module on Body Language stresses on various often neglected aspects in body language communications. From the manner in which people cross their arms, seat themselves at table or at meetings, point fingers and gesticulate, biting of nails and lips, unintended offensive posturing; the session on Body Language is all encompassing. We also assist you in adopting suitable ways to express yourself through visual signals and voice, in order to elegantly convey meaning to your thoughts.

“Body language and tone of voice, not words, are our most powerful assessment tools” ― Christopher Voss