A happy and productive team is an essential ingredient to delivering success for any activity. The key factors to the successful performance of a team are strategy, clear roles and responsibilities, open communication, rapid response and effective leadership. An effective team has members who have clear goals, focus and plan on achieving results, are committed and competent, achieve decision through consensus, have effective interpersonal skills, enjoy support of their leaders, are open to new ideas and periodically assess themselves.

At Finessse, we can never stress enough on the merits of team management. Each session in team management is carefully planned out to ensure that candidates, be they students or working professionals, develop the necessary pre-requisites to develop as effective team managers. From cultivating a belief in shared leadership, to recognising their team member’s accomplishments and motivating them to heightened success, our sessions are all about collaborating for success. We serve on the two basic aspects that motivate behaviour at the work place; the need for achievement and the need for affiliation.

“Good teams incorporate teamwork into their culture, creating the building blocks for success” – Ted Sundquist