Emotional Intelligence is the capability of a person to manage and control her or his emotions, and possess the ability to manage the emotions of others as well. It is the ability of a person to be aware and motivated enough to manage and respond in an accommodating manner to the environment around. A high emotional intelligence quotient prompts people to be stronger motivators, increase self-confidence, focus on their goals and minimize procrastination. A must have trait in every individual, a high emotional quotient also enables people to communicate their feelings in a constructive manner, thereby creating a positive attitude and a happy disposition.

At Finessse, our session on Emotional Intelligence enables candidates successfully deal with people around them by taking cognisance of their perspectives on situations and working at all times to avoid or resolve conflicts. We also direct candidates into the proper management of their mental and physical well-being by alleviating stress factors.

“Emotional Intelligence will change the way you see yourself and others around you” – Dr. Travis Bradberry