Being polite and looking good never goes out of fashion. Etiquette is conventional mode of behaviour that directs people to behave in socially acceptable and polite ways. It is the fine art of being comfortable around people and making people comfortable around you. Whether one is with family, at social gatherings, at an academic institution or at the work place, etiquette plays an important aspect in being received as respectful and courteous.

 At Finessse, our session on Etiquette is directed at ensuring a better acceptance of an individual in all her or his inter-personal interactions. From imbibing the art of being polite and gracious, to the right table manners, the virtue of patience, socially accepted norms, forms of greeting, accepting and rejecting hospitality; our sessions on etiquette are directed at enabling you create an aura around you, wherever you go.

“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot” – Clarence Thomas