Goal setting is an opportunity to chart one’s life’s path & fuel one’s ambition!” A goal is a future oriented long-term achievement purpose. Goals provide guidance and a unified direction, and enable people drastically alter their circumstances. Goals serve as a source of motivation and commitment. They also act as a critical mechanism for control and evaluation. The primary objective in defining goals is to inculcate self-esteem, keep one focussed and help overcome procrastination, fear and failure. Goal setting is all about writing down one’s dreams and desires and is a tool that provides for direction and self- and group-assessment. Setting goals are often the first steps in defining one’s achievement plan.

In the session on Goal Setting, we at Finessse enable you formulate long-term, short-term and immediate goals, and learn various approaches to accomplish these goals within a set time-frame. We also mentor you on how to review and measure your goals, besides imparting methods on overcoming fear and failure. In doing so, we enable you enhance your skills, gain new experiences, challenge yourselves, alter beliefs and create a forward momentum in your lives.

“Without dreams and goals there is no living, only merely existing, and that is not why we are here” – Mark Twain