The relevance of interpersonal skills in the modern world can never be adequately stressed upon. Interpersonal Skills is the art of communicating through words, actions, emotions and expressions. It involves an exchange of both verbal and non-verbal messages directed at ensuring camaraderie and coherence between two or more persons or between businesses. Developing the right Interpersonal Interactions is imperative for professionals at the work space and forms the first step in effecting successful business transactions.

At Finessse, our module on developing Interpersonal Skills involves the salient aspects of communicating; be it through a warm smile, a professional handshake, the tone of voice, the nod of the head, and the amicable manner in which you should express yourself. Each session involves role plays to enable candidates form themselves with the best interpersonal skills and express themselves based on the personal or professionals roles they play.

“Developing strong interpersonal relationships by creating lasting connections instead of just passing acquaintances, will take your business to a new level” –¬†Farshad Asl