A well-groomed person is always the cynosure of attention! Good grooming includes maintaining excellent hygiene, attention to hair and nails, managing your smile and sporting appropriate clothing suited to an occasion. Grooming is not about high cost living and expensive attire, but is about looking ‘immaculate’, whether at the work place or at social gatherings. Maintaining a professional appearance is all about paying attention to grooming, which helps working professionals create positive impressions and respect at their workplaces. Social gatherings offer the best environments to foster camaraderie and intellectual stimulus and it is imperative that for both women and men to be groomed suitably to impress upon their friends and acquaintances. Professional and Social grooming are thus equally important for both women and men.

At Finessse, we guide you into paying adequate detail to grooming from head to toe. Our course on Grooming Skills will enable you present your personality in the most distinguished manner, whatever be the situation.

“Grooming is the secret of real elegance” – Christian Dior