An interpersonal relationship discipline which helps people to understand the behaviour of others as well as themselves, and thereby communicate effectively Transactional Analysis is defined by the philosophy that people can change according to situations and that we all have the right to exist and be accepted. This psychological assessment tool is based on two notions that human beings possess three ego-states to their personality; parent, adult and child. These ego states converse with each other both internally and externally in all transactional aspects of behaviour and hence the name, Transactional Analysis. Over the last few decades, Transactional Analysis has helped people work upon their inter-personal behaviour and forge strong bonds of respect and understanding.

At Finessse, our workshops on Transactional Analysis help candidates in learning and assessing their relationships with others, especially at their places of work or learning. Our focus is also to help people understand how their individual personalities have been shaped through the years by their earlier experiences. Our endeavour is to enable people improve their inter-personal communication and avoid damaging repetitive patterns of behaviour.

“Ego states are coherent systems of thought and feeling, manifested by corresponding patterns of behaviour” – Eric Berne